Will Morris

William has spent the past 12 years in real estate, private equity, fund management, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Morris has successfully launched 4 real estate private equity offerings, served as General Partner Affiliate on 655 multifamily units, value-added over 3,000 multifamily units, served as a strategic partner on other investments, sourced funds for deals/causes, a published author, focuses on leaving a legacy with impact beyond returns and is currently launching his own family office.


Throughout his career, he’s built a global network of resources, relationships, and industry experts. In his role, William co-heads acquisitions, business development, investor relation, vision casting, sustainability, and serves as a key decision maker for all investments. As a serial entrepreneur and innovator, William has grown and exited several small businesses including a NASA patented technology license. He holds a General Contracting, Real Estate, and Import/Export license.


Will is passionate about innovating, ESG, and helping others succeed. He is also a sought-after speaker and the author of 6 Months to 655 Units: How to Break into Multifamily with Zero Capital and All Social Media. Still, those who know him best say that his true superpower is his ability to connect with people. As founder and managing partner of the Blueaura Group—a Tennessee-based, boutique private investment firm—Will offers a modern, sustainable approach to the conventional investing space while providing a sense of Southern comfort that quickly puts clients at ease. Once they get to know him, they are eager to invest in his company as they feel confident that he will do right by them. “I commit to treating every dollar invested and every opportunity pursued as a personal extension of who I am and what I stand for,” says Will. “While I’m responsible for the general direction of the firm’s investment strategy and overall capitalization, I’m equally committed to long-term and successful relationships with our investors, partners, and colleagues.”


Will leverages his experience plus brought his cousin Matthew Malone on board as a managing partner who has spent the past 12 years in private wealth management, and real estate. Collectively they help investors build and achieve their risk and return goals.


Will got his start as a general contractor doing rehabs for multifamily assets, which soon led to a transition into importing granites, cabinets, and fixtures. He transitioned into syndicating for other people and was ultimately introduced to the capital market space. After starting his first company, Morris3rd Capital, Will discovered several aspects that he disliked about the industry and established The Blueaura Group in 2020 to focus on impact investing and a post-pandemic landscape. “Once I started working in the capital market space, I began to see a lot of things that could be done better—and doing better is at the core of my company,” he explains. “I grew up on a farm and enjoying the outdoors, so it kills me to see all the pollution that continues being produced today. Sadly, most private equity firms focus only on returns without thinking about the good they could do.”


Will applies a tailored ESG mandate to each investment. “I want my kids to experience nature down the road just as I did, so we must take care of our world—for us and for future generations,” he says. To help lead environmental efforts, The Blueaura Group targets renewable energy options, waste reduction, water conservation, and focuses heavily on lowering their overall footprint. “While we won’t be the total fix for the environment, our goal is to start a trend that others will follow,” says Will.


Along with sustainability, real estate entrepreneurism play an important role at Blueaura. While observing the detrimental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Will decided to create work programs to help the tenants who were struggling to pay their rent. He and his team members have also started conducting evaluations to determine how they can improve their tenants’ overall quality of life. Resultantly, Will has made several positive changes, including creating community gardens. “When my family had a garden growing up, it taught me work ethic, patience, and more,” he explains. “So, now I like to provide a garden that each community can benefit from.” The Blueaura Group is different from most real estate investment firms in this regard, but it is possible that others will soon follow the company’s example. In the words of Will, “Good is contagious.”


Our Funds
1.) Asset Allocation Fund aims to achieve appropriate asset allocation and broad diversification with investments within various CRE categories which all culminate in a single fund. We identify, verify, and get behind the best of the best emerging managers.


2.) Real Estate Fund II aims to acquire tax-advantaged income-generating CRE assets that provide a hedge against inflation, growing and preserving investors’ wealth. We identify, verify, acquire, and operate amazing assets.


3.) Opportunistic Fund aims to arbitrage CRE and land assets with a hold period of 12 months or less. We identify, verify, acquire, then sell assets.


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Will Morris
Founder and Co-Manager
The Blueaura Group
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