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By taking an entrepreneurial approach two things happened. We built a strong advisory team in a range of spaces allowing us to be experts in different investment industries. We also have become vertically integrated from material supply with our sister company LTB International, to rehab with our sister company Morris Development Services, to property management with our sister company Archera Property Management, when it comes to capitalizing on an opportunity or value adding and repositioning assets we truly are the total solution.

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Executive Summary

A Message From Leadership

We commit to treating every dollar invested and every opportunity pursued as a personal extension of who we are and what we stand for. While we’re responsible for the general direction of the firm’s investment strategy as well as its overall capitalization, we want you to know we’re equally committed to long-term and successful relationships with our investors, partners, and colleagues.

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William Morris

Managing Partner

William has spent the past 12 years in real estate, private equity, fund management, management, and entrepreneurship. He’s built a global network of resources, relationships, and industry experts. In his role, William heads acquisitions, business development, investor relation, vision casting, and serves as a key decision maker for all investments. As a serial entrepreneur and innovator, William has owned small businesses that integrate into investment strategies and offer positive impact. He holds a General Contracting, Real Estate, and Import/Export license. William has value-added/supplied over 3,000 multifamily units, grown & exited businesses, developed single-family, served as a strategic partner on investments, sourced funds for deals/causes, a published author, and focuses on solid investments with great returns, leaving a legacy and impact beyond returns.


Matthew Malone

Managing Partner

Matthew has spent the last 12 years working in the Financial Services Industry as a Private Wealth Advisor. He has helped countless individuals and families plan for and build a legacy that can be passed on for years to come. Through this Matt has built a large network of individuals and experts across multiple industries including real estate. He has been a part of multiple real estate deals helping individuals both buy and sell real estate holdings. Matt has a passion for the real estate space as it was ingrained in him from the beginning with his family having Malone Properties LLC. He has gained experience from working with his family on negotiating long-term leases, buying, selling, and negotiating real estate deals. Matt has a passion for helping others and helping not only build a legacy for his family but well beyond that.

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