exclusive real estate Build meaningful wealth and passive income through selective private real estate investments. INVEST NOW Quick Call Back a platform built for scale Instead of one off syndications, we operate a series of strategic funds. The sky truley is the limit. INVEST NOW Quick Call Back returns with impact returns aren't enough anymore... We build and implement a tailored ESG mandate for each investment we acquire or joint venture. INVEST NOW Quick Call Back


At The Blueaura Group, we build wealth today while leaving a legacy for the next generation, and creating a better tomorrow. We believe this is best accomplished by efficient capital allocation into three strategic investment strategies, Oportunisitc, Self Sponsor, and Fund of Funds. Our objective is to help you achieve your financial dreams and leave your legacy through institutional real estate investments.


Diversify Into Real Assets

Hedge against inflation and other risks with an equity and/or debt position in opportunistic or value add real estate and alternative investments strategy.

Grow Your Investments

This is NOT a REIT. You’re investing alongside us in real assets that cash flows monthly and appreciates over time. Many of which have tax advantaged income that passes onto the investors.

Real Estate Investments

We target exclusive off-market, direct to owner, or broker relationship Core and Value Add real estate opportunities.

Alternative Investments

There’s opportunity in chaos and new markets emerging. In the current economic environment, we identify, measure, and capitalize on these opportunities.

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Returns With Impact

Capitalizing on investment opportunities in today’s market, or created out of recent economic events requires preparedness, speed, expertise, and a sustainable mindset. The Blueaura Group seeks to make investments that satisfy its primary investment objective of generating total return while leaving a sustainable legacy impact.

The Blueaura Group is a boutique investment firm, with a modern approach to the conventional investing space. We have an always on mentality allowing us to act at a moment’s notice, we keep operations lean which gives us speed, we maintain an expansive industry expert advisory team, additionally, it’s not enough to just deliver returns, we implement a tailored ESG strategy into each investment, thus delivering returns with impact.

Our investment targets are offered in the form of 506(c) funds, GP co-investment, and partnerships.

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ESG Investment Strategy

Each opportunity we pursue we build a tailored ESG mandate. We closely evaluate how we can best implement a  sustainable impact, community bitterness, and governmental values that deliver impact beyond returns.

Our Process

Through market research, experience, trends, and our advisory team we try and stay on the cutting edge of investment opportunities as they develop in the marketplace. Once identified we make a data back decision to pursue or pass. 

After we have an accepted LOI or decided to act upon an opportunity we perform our due diligence. This is where our years of experience, resources, and the advisory team really shine. We make sure the investment is going to be successful for our vision and investors. 

If the asset meets our expectations and clears due diligence we move to acquisition. This is where we take possession and carry out the business plan for the asset. 

We identify and implement the best ESG strategies that complement the asset, occupants, and community.

Repositioning is where we value add and/or implement the strategy tailored for that asset.

This is the exit strategy and or hold once stabilized,  tailored for that asset laid out during the due diligence and acquisitions stages. 

The Investment Process

01. Introduction

We learn about your goals, make sure you’re comfortable, and understand the investment opportunity.

02. Investment

You make your investment into the fund, syndication or direct partner in the asset.

03. Cash Flow

You receive your passive income based off the agreed rate of return during the investment term.

04. Disposition

When exit time comes you will be exited in the pre strategized plan and terms.

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